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Unlimited Languages

A blog in which I attempt to become fluent in as many languages as I can. The first six posts were done as an assignment for a summer class, but as a passionate linguist I want to continue my journey.

Week #6: My Thoughts

It was an interesting six weeks, trying to learn a language for each one. I was definitely the most motivated during the first week, but that feeling slowly dwindled away as the days progressed. I kinda expected that, since it’s not like I’m going to be brimming with energy every day. Sometimes, sleep is more…

Week #5: Français

I’m gonna do something different this week. On my last post, I said that I’d learn Italian. Lemme tell you, that did not happen. I reviewed a little bit of Italian, but frankly it wasn’t enough to write about it. Sleep is important, y’know? Instead, I’ll just talk about the time I decided to learn…

Week #4: Pусский

I’m gonna have to be honest with y’all. Between doing research, watching Criminal Minds, and sleeping, I didn’t learn that much Pусский (Russian). G A S P. Well, I say that because I didn’t go at the extreme rate I said I would. So really, I was productive by normal standards, but I’m gonna say…